City Security Wing established during the year 2003 as per the instructions of the IGP, Intelligence Security Wing, AP, Hyderabad vide ID No. 38/VS-1/03, dated 06-01-2003, with a meager strength of 73 HCs/PCs including the existing PSOs in order to protect the protectees. The above Wing has been working under the control of Reserve Inspector. Actually there is no sanctioned strength to the above Wing in this unit and the existing police personnel who have been working in it, drawn from active platoons of CAR on attachment basis. The basic functioning of the City Security Wing duties is providing security to protectees, conducting of BD Team checkings along with Dog Squad. The Team of Security Wing is being given trainings quiet often on firing practices and monthly P.T. Test. In addition to the above, Anti - Sabotage checks, Access Control and Road Opening Parties arrangements for “Z” and “Z+” category protectees, i.e., Governor, Chief Minister, Home Minister, other Heads of State and all other ministers and protectees are being made during the visits of VIP/VVIPs to the City. There are Six Anti - Sabotage Check teams, each team consists of 4 ARSIs/HCs/PCs and 1 Dog Handler and they would use the equipment of DFMDs, HHMDs, DSMDs, and Explosive Detectors etc., to detect explosive substance or other dangerous weapons, besides 5 Sniffer dogs would be put in action to detect the explosives.

In addition to the above, in order to provide security to the VIPs/VVIPs and other dignitaries, the short term training for Visakhapatnam City Security Wing is being given quiet often to keep them physically fit and mentally alert. Regular PSOs are being given 10 P.Ts per month, 3.2 KM Run, 100 Mtrs Run, 30 dips, 30 Pushups, 10 Chin-ups, Musketry practice, walk off drills, UAC, morning and evening, during their off time are also being made to keep them physically fit and mentally alert. Every quarterly firing practice is being conducted to the PSOs.

Training: BD Team and Dog Squad personnel have been giving training frequently. Conducted PSOs P.E.T. Performance regularly.

Equipment: Sufficient equipment i.e., Metal detectors, Pocket Scanner, Vehicle Inspection Mirror, Letter Bomb Detector, Bomb Blankets etc., is available for better performance.

There are 18 routes covering 282 KMs and 667 culverts which are being used by the protectees. RI developed photo data base on culverts and landmine/ambush spots. Route books with photographs have been issued to the each BD team while they would be deployed on duty.