Visakhapatnam City Special Branch is comprised of CSB-I, CSB-II, CSB-III and Immigration Cells (Sea Ports/ Airport).  The sanctioned strength of entire CSB is one ADCP, one ACP, 3 Cis, 12 SIs, 18 HCs and 04 PC/WPCs and the actual strength is one ADCP, one ACP, 3 Cis, 5 SIs, 8 ASIs, 20 HCs and 1 PC/WPC. In addition to the Executive personnel, Intelligence Department Ministerial staff having the sanctioned strength of 1 AAO, 2 Managers, 3 Asst. Managers and 4 ID Assts are also working.

The Special Branch-I under the charge of an Inspector assists the Commissioner of Police by collecting advance information and incident reporting about the activities of Political parties, Communal Organisations, Students, Trade Unions, various frontal organizations, Anti-Social elements and other sensitive matters like VIP Security, preparation of Bandobust schemes in connection with the visits of VVIPs and other dignitaries to Visakhapatnam City, fairs & festivals and various Academic and competitive examinations. Maintenance of P.Fs on Political suspects, preparation of periodical statements/ returns to be submitted to Addl. DGP, Int., AP Hyd., conducting of secret/ confidential enquiries on the directions of superior officers, alerting of administration on sensitive issues, etc.

This wing is functioning under the charge of Inspector and looking after the work relating to the affairs of Foreigners as the Commissioner of Police being the Foreigners Registration Officer such as online registration of Foreigners, issue of Police Clearance Certificates, exit and extension of Visas and related correspondence. As a part of implementing Mission Mode Project (MPP) on Immigration, Visa and Foreign Registration and Tracking (IVFRT) under the National e-Governance Plan, MHA developed centralized software for facilitating the foreigners seeking various services such as Registrations, Visa Extensions/Conversions, Exit permissions/Return Visa, etc. Implementation of this scheme commenced in this office with effect from 13.7.2013. This wing is also looking after the work pertaining to verification of character & antecedents of State and Central Govt. employees, Private Security Agencies including Private Contract employees working on behalf of various PSUs and other Govt. agencies and processing of Passports Applications. In this regard, AP State Intelligence Dept. has conducted Application Software User Training to the SB Staff on 15-4-2015 for handling the antecedents verifications through online Dynamic Application. As a part of launching of Passport Seva Project, Visakhapatnam City was selected to commence Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) at Visakhapatnam with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and announced introduction of new procedure for processing of Passport applications online commencing from 05.08.2011. After introducing the Dongle system by the Passport authorities, the online process of Passport applications started w.e.f. 13-02-2012. The status of verification reports in respect of Passports, JOB VRs, PCCs and Private Security Agencies

In pursuance of instructions vide ID.No.444/A2/2007, dtd.16-10-2007 of Addl. DGP, Intelligence, AP, Hyderabad, the CI Cell of VSP City has been started functioning with 1 - RSI and 9 - PCs in the first instance. But, at present following personnel are working in CI Cell headed by Sri M. Nagendra Bhupal, Inspector.

International flight operations from Visakhapatnam Airport commenced on 25.03.2012. Presently 4 International Flights are operating from this Airport to Dubai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (2 flights). The security of the Airport is being looked after by CISF personnel. At present 1 ACP, 1 Inspector, 8 SIs, 3 ASIs, 2 HCs, 6 PCs and 3 WPCs are looking after the immigration and other elite duties.

The immigration works under the control of the Commissioner of Police, Visakhapatnam City with the supervision of ADCP, CSB with a sanctioned strength of 1 SI, 2 HCs. The actual strength is 1 SI, 3 HCs. There is general decline in number of ships visiting both seaports of Visakhapatnam and Gangavaram. The Travel Permits (TP) to the seamen who are intending to go to their country by air are also issuing from this check post after getting authorization from FRO/Commissioner of Police, Visakhapatnam City.    




Inspector, CSB-I

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Inspector, CSB-II

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Inspector, CSB-III


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Inspector, Airport Immigration

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