After a thorough study of all the intersections and volume of Traffic on the roads, the following beats were deployed for effective regulation of traffic.

Double Beats Single Beats Moving Beats Motor Cycle Beats Mobile Tra-colts Total
76 124 32 20 14 266

Besides, five National Highway Mobiles (3-new,2-old), supporting staff are being kept round the clock on NH-16 and SH-38 as detailed below.

National Highway Mobile-1 : Salapuvanipalem to Sheelanagar – Round the clock.

National Highway Mobile-2 : Airport Jn. to Satyam Jn. - Round the clock

National Highway Mobile-3 : Satyam Jn. to Hanumanthawada – Round the clock

National Highway Mobile-4 : Hanumanthawaka to Bhimili X road – 9AM to 9PM

State Highway Mobile : Pendurthi Jn. to Anandapuram Jn. – 9AM to 9PM

Besides this HOP Mobile is also moving on NH-16 with the strength of 1 HC and 2 H.Gs round the clock in 4 shifts

In addition Traffic Mobiles and 14 Tra-Colt Mobiles are detailed to regulate the traffic consistently covering accident prone spots both on National High Way and Other roads