In G.O.Ms. No. 449 (home) Police Dept. dt. 10-10-1983, 4 Traffic Police Stations were created with a total strength of 2 CIs, 9 SIs, 40 HCs and 200 PCs. The strength was divided into 10 Traffic detachments and attached to 10 Law & Order Police Stations of Visakhapatnam Urban District. Between 1983 and 1988, these traffic detachments became independent and autonomous level and are being referred as Traffic Police Stations. In 1986, 3 PCs each were transferred from the I, II and III Town Traffic Police Stations to I, II and III Town Crime Police stations. Then the sanctioned strength of Traffic Police Stations in Visakhapatnam Metropolitan area was 3 CIs, 9 SIs, 40 HCs and 191 PCs. Since there was no SI for Malkapuram Traffic Police station one of the SI from the strength of Police Control Room was transferred to Traffic Police Station. So that all the 10 Traffic PSs will have SIs as SHOs.

Prior to the creation of Visakhapatnam (U) District on 1.11.1983, there was no DSP/SDPO to deal with Traffic Police. It was invariably the concerned Law and Order SDPOs who used to supervise the work of Traffic Detachment. On 10-05-1989, when the system of Police Commissionerate was introduced in Visakhapatnam City, the post of DSP Traffic was re-designated as ACP Traffic.

In 1989, at the time of formation of Visakhapatnam Police Commissionerate vide G.O.Ms.No.253 (Pol-E) Dept dt.9-5-1989, the Rural Police Station of Bheemunipatnam, Padmanabham, Anandapuram, Parawada and Sabbavaram were transferred from Visakhapatnam Rural District to the Police Commissionerate. The Visakhapatnam Traffic Police did not regulate the traffic in the 5 Rural Police Stations. Later, Bheeminipatnam, Padmanabham, Anandapuram and Sabbavaram, except Parawada were transferred from Visakhapatnam Police Commissionerate to Visakhapatnam Rural District. Now again Bheemunipatnam, Padmanabham, Anandapuram were transferred from Visakhapatnam District to Visakhapatnam Commissionerate.

The Gajuwaka Police station was upgraded as “A” Grade Police Station as per G.O.Ms.No.201/Memo-Pol. Dept. dt. 14-6-1997 and the Police station was opened on 20-11-2004 by Sri K.Jana Reddy, former Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh with a strength of 1 CI, 2 SIs, 2 ASIs, 10 HCs and 50 PCs having jurisdiction from Lankelapalem to Air port junction. After formation of A-Grade Police station the jurisdiction from Lankelapalem to Vadlapudi was attached to Steel Plant Traffic Police Station vide Memo No.3834/A1/1999 dt. 23-8-1999. The Gajuwaka is only Police Station with S.H.O in the cadre of Inspector of Police in Traffic segment then.

New Port Traffic Police Station was opened on 19-03-2008 vide G.O.Ms.No.137/Fin(SSMOC) Dept dt.18-06-07 and G.O.Ms.No.143 (Home) PSC, Dated 22-2-07, communicated vide C.O. Endt. No. 133/R-3/2006 DT. 29-06-06 and in D.O. No. 611/07 in C.No.751/A6/06 dt. 25.7.07 of the Commissioner of Police, Visakhapatnam City with a strength of 1SI, 1 ASI, 3 HCs, 15 PCs.

There are number of major and minor Industries existing in Visakhapatnam Commissionerate limits. Some of them are Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, NTPC, BHPV, HPCL, I.O.C., BPCL, Coramandel fertilizers, Hindustan shipyard, Naval Dock Yard, Naval Armament Depot, NSTL, Andhra Petro chemicals, Essar Gujarat, RCL Co., Visakhapatnam Port Trust, VSEZ, Gangavaram Port, Brandix Apparel Park Autonagar, Industrial estate, IT hubs etc. Domestic Air Port is in Visakhapatnam Commissionerate. In view of rapid development in construction and other fields of population, vehicular traffic is increasing enormously.